Saturday, September 10, 2011


When I got caught in a bad gale while I was out doing my chores Thursday afternoon I worried that we might already be getting the rains from TS Maria. Thankfully, that wasn't the case! We'd been tracking the weather even before Maria got named, and kept hoping that she'd change her track so we wouldn't be in her path. We did not look forward to the thunderstorms and heavy rains she was expected to bring with her, nor a repeat of the WAPA, Cell, Cable, and landline problems TS Irene had blessed us with during and after her visit!
The rains that'd been predicted to come during the night didn't materialize and, surprisingly, Friday morning dawned bright and clear. Still, I was concerned that the Palletteers' morning would be dampened by those rainstorms that'd been promised and elated when my husband told me that the National Weather Service predicted only a 20%chance of rain for the morning. YES! The Buccaneer didn't disappoint us! It continued to be a gorgeous morning with the sea gently lapping the shore, birds twittering in the softly swaying palms, egrets enjoying the ponds, and one iguanas sunbathing on the dock I was painting! Wow! Paradise, for true!

Only Elizabeth, Mary, Sondra, Carolyn, and I painted and we were all captivated by something different! The staff and some of the tourists on the beach all lauded our efforts, one gal even stopping by our table while we were enjoying a refreshing drink and lunch at the Mermaid. Ginger

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


From the moment I drove past Whim's entry columns I knew that it'd be a great morning for painting! Elwin joined me and we traipsed all over the property discussing the pros and cons of the various subjects we encountered until deciding on the one that appealed the most. Tough choice! We were greeted by several of the staff members who, along with Whim's morning visitors, enjoyed watching our efforts materialize into images they recognized. Only 6 of us had come to paint and I found myself wishing that more could have been there to feel the love and enjoy the beautiful day!
Pat had brought the glass ornaments she'd painted during the week for our glass ornament project. We were all very impressed with them. We'll be selling hand painted ornaments before the Christmas holidays as a fund raiser to defray the costs of our Palletteer shows.
Sparkle and Yolanda, both new to Whim, had come by several times during the morning to see how we were doing. They said they'd heard a lot of good things about our group. Lily came by too. I'm sure she's the one who'd been telling Sparkle and Yolanda all about us... she made us feel VERY welcome and said we had an open invitation to come back to paint, anytime. Wow! We invited them to our show and tell so they could see what we'd accomplished in the morning's hours.

The enthusiasm and hospitality we felt painting at Whim was enervating; we'll be sure to paint there again soon!