Saturday, August 29, 2009

Palletteers Guests of Sunshine Foundation at Sugar Mill Veteranary Clinic

The Sugar Mill Veteranary Clinic in Estate Grande Princesse was our inspiration for the morning
complete with gargoyle, chickens and even Matilda, the goat...

Barry Aldrich introduced the foundation's trustees Dr. Stacia Boswell, VMD and Anna Loizeaux, VT along with Elke, its administrative coordinator, and told our group about the foundation's history, goals, and next fund raising events.

We were treated to a delicious luncheon buffet hosted by the Sunshine Foundation

and Avis reporter, Tom, interviewed the Palletteers and the foundation for a future article about both groups.
Show and Tell produced a variety of paintings and painting subjects

Brenda and Marcia brought some watercolor portraits they'd done at home to show to the group, too.
We'd been invited by Barry Aldrich and the Sunshine Foundation to paint on the grounds of the Sugar Mill Veteranary Clinic on Friday morning. Sweet breezes + a sky bursting with gorgeous clouds + a chorus of intermittent barking dogs + occasionally squawking roosters + curious, clucking chickens + gently chirping birds + the bleating of adorable goat Mathilda + an occasional sprinkle from above + a restored sugar mill set amidst beautiful picturesque gardens + pampering hosts + the finale of a delicious lunch = a fantastic morning for the Palletteers! The Sunshine Foundation went out of their way to make sure the Palletteers were comfortable. Since many of us had never heard of the Sunshine Foundation prior to this, we were all interested in hearing about thier mission and efforts to end the overpopulation of dogs and cats on St. Croix as well as to learn about their December fund raiser, the theme of which will be art and animals. Check out their site, for more information. Thanks again, Sunshine Foundation for giving us such a great morning!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Palletteers Paint at the Thomas House

Artists at work!

Break time! That hammock was just too tempting!

Discussing the artwork after "show and tell" time.
Me, trying to get photos of all the artwork


Sixteen of us showed up to paint at the home of George and Lin Thomas. It was great to see some new people in our group as well as to welcome back some 'returnees". All of us loved the property's spectacular views of Salt River and the Caribbean and were enamored of the Thomas' lovely home, designed by Lin's father, architect John Randall McDonald. The weather was in full cooperation inspiring us with clear bright blue skies and cooling breezes! "Show and Tell" featured a variety of artworks from the morning's efforts, including some experiments in color and technique. A great painting morning was had by all and many of us were reluctant to stop! Thank you, Lin and George, for opening your home to us!

Unfortunately, my camera wasn't as cooperative as the weather, and some of my photos came out blurry. My apologies! Ginger