Saturday, June 25, 2011

Joyce Thomas's Home

This week we painted at the lovely home of Joyce Thomas which is nestled in the hillside with a fantastic view of Protestant Cay, Green Cay and Buck Island. Emy did a really good job of portraying that view in her painting. The rest of us were drawn to the cozy cool covered veranda near the house's entry where a variety of subjects caught our fancy. I'd hoped to do a painting of the cute family dog but got no cooperation whatsoever! Perhaps I'll do one from one of the few photos that I managed to get while trying to sneak up on her!
It wasn't until I downloaded the photos of our artwork into my computer at home that I realized that photographing most of our Show and Tell under the yellow canopy resulted in yellowed paintings. I guess you'll have to come to one of our shows to see what they really look like!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fort Christiansvaern Revisited

My internet was down for a week so I'm late getting this blog entry done. Last Friday we painted at Fort Christiansvaern, the imposing yellow fort on Christiansted's waterfront. The day was bright with sudden wind gusts so I had to paint with one hand while holding my canvas on my easel with the other. Our small group dispersed over the grounds so it wasn't until "Show and "Tell" that we found out what everyone had painted. Afterwards we adjourned to enjoy another great lunch at Cafe Christine's.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cafe Christine in Christiansted

Cafe Christine and Apothecary Hall Courtyard welcomed us with sunny skies and even a slight breeze. Our little group of Sondra, Carolyn, Elwin, and I were delighted to welcome back Janet Bell and Pat Holloway and reacquaint them with all the island happenings that'd occurred since they'd left. It was good to have them back. Christine checked out our artwork several times, commenting on the subject matter. She'd seen me taking pictures of her cats and asked why I wasn't doing a painting of one of them. I told her they wouldn't pose long enough but promised that I'd try to do a painting of her cat Lily, who'd been on the prowl and roaming around us several times. Lunch at Cafe Christine's was delightful, as always. Christine let us know that we only have 2 weeks and 3 days left to eat again at her restaurant before she leaves for her French hiatus, so maybe we'll go there for lunch again next week?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Painting at Sondra's

Only a few of us are on island right now: Carolyn, Marilyn, Sondra, Grant, and I, so you could say we had perfect attendance for our painting morning at Sondra's! The sea was like a sheet of glass and nary a leaf was moving... Yup, that just about describes the weather right now. In between the chatting, we painted while Grant took some photos. Carolyn wanted to paint the sandpaper vine.. I think it's also called Plumeria, but she'd brought the "wrong" paper. Sondra gave her a "good" paper to do a second version of the same subject. Both are done in WC. Which one do you prefer? The small size of our group did not deter our having a good time together. After Show and Tell, we toasted the morning's artwork with iced tea and some H2O and while we talked about "all ah you"! (Hope you are all enjoying your summer!) Sondra and I adjourned to the Pickled Greek for a really tasty pizza lunch.