Saturday, April 23, 2011

Barry and Witt's

After two rainy Fridays the Palletteers had an absolutely beautiful day at Barry & Witt's Judiths Fancy home. Their house and garden are beautifully furnished and maintained.
Marvelous little vignettes were to be found everywhere!

Barry and Witt are extremely cordial hosts and the Palletteers thoroughly enjoyed their time painting there! Thanks so much for this second invitation!Ginger

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Palletteers Founders

Sadly, this past Friday's painting was rained out, a first for the Palletteers since their founding! With a free morning ahead of her, after she returned home Emy decided to clean out a bookcase. While looking through some of the albums in it, out fell this historic treasure, taken in April, 1997, when she and some friends got together for painting and lunch at her house and decided to make it a weekly event. Thus the group that later came to be known as the Palletteers was born! From left to right: Sondra Catts, Emy Thomas, Kitty Olsen, Liz Marshall, and Mary Bodio. They haven't changed at all, have they!? Thanks ladies! Your decision has greatly enriched many of our lives!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Lamp Painting

A rainy morning didn't keep these Palletteers from getting together to paint more lamps for the Women's Coalition. Their lamps look great, don't they?


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Queens Quarter in the Rain

That's my Palletteers: neither rain nor anything else will keep them from painting! Last Friday's site was once known as the Queens Quarter Hotel. It got "Hugo'ed" during that infamous hurricane and has recently been transformed into the Queens Quarter Villas. There's no longer a hotel or restaurant, but the footprint of the former hotel has been refurbished into an events building for parties, weddings, etc. The buildings are nicely restored and everything is very attractive and beautifully landscaped. The old cottages are now long term rental villas.
Unfortunately we had a rainy morning there. Everyone huddled under the roof of the events building to avoid the raindrops. About 10 people showed up and only five painted anything they considered worth showing. Emy brought the lamp she'd decorated for the Women's Coalition and Laura got several new recruits for lamp painting this coming Tuesday. It's definitely a site we'll want to paint at again.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Canvas & Cabernet Art Show

An art exhibit/sale featuring acrylic paintings completed during the Canvas and Cabernet workshop took place at Discovery Grove last Sunday afternoon. In addition to paintings done on paper and canvas by participating Palletteers, a mural executed by Carolyn R. received much admiration. It will serve as the backdrop for yoga sessions. Doesn't the art look great?!