Monday, May 31, 2010

Palletteers at Rust Op Twist

Amidst another "cats and dogs" kinda rain last Thursday, with the forecast for Friday being an 80% chance of rain with intermittent thunderstorms, I seriously contemplated sending out an email cancelling the next day's painting excursion. But I didn't.. and I'm so glad I didn't because painting at Rust Op Twist, rain or shine, is always a remarkable experience.
Arriving in a slight drizzle, I was greeted by 6 tail wagging, barking dogs. As I got out of my car to look around, Jack, our host, gestured for me to come into his home (the former stables) and showed me around. What a great place: 12" thick walls, vistas over the extensive green lawn out to the sea and beyond, a private courtyard, covered porch and breezeway, and lots of character!
Slowly the rest of our brave group of Palletteers arrived: Chris B, Elizabeth, Elwin, Brenda, Alma and me. Later we were joined by Gene with his grandson Henry. We all faced the same dilemma: chance getting caught in a downfall like those that'd been occurring all week long or "play it safe" and paint on the covered breezeway or porch or in the courtyard under a protective canopy of trees? The greathouse ruins amid the stately hilltop sugarmill beckoned ...but the only places to get a good view were exposed to the weather. The garden courtyard featuring a lovely lily pool surrounded by ferns and other greenery, a blooming frangipani, and a few turtles were really tempting. The breezeway held several cages of twittering, chirping birds. Were they asking us to memorialize them in a painting? Hmmm... We made our decisions, set up our work spaces, took photos, and started painting. We were all inspired!

No ruins.. no sugarmill, but great paintings! Our host agreed and gave us a hearty invitation to return to paint, anytime. We're planning to take you up on that, Jack. Thanks for a wonderful morning!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Palletteers at Tamarind Reef

The Palletteers painted at Tamarind Reef on Friday. I was off island but Emy reports that it was another windy day. Of course, there was our usual iguana sighting! Should we adopt him as our mascot?She also said that Alma executed her entire painting with a palette knife. Can you spot which one that is?

Thanks to Emy and Elizabeth for the pictures! Ginger

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Palletteers Participate in 100% for Haiti Benefit Art Show

The opening reception for the 100% for Haiti Benefit Art Show took place Friday night. The walls of Mike Walsh's gallery were hung with more than 100 pieces of great art that had been donated for the show. The idea behind the show, which began its planning 100 days prior to the opening, had been 100 artists donating their artwork so that 100% of the profits from the sales could go to two Haitian charities.

I was so proud to see that 23 artists who've painted with the Palletteers including my daughter and Elizabeth's, both Jennifer's :^),contributed pieces of art to the show. The paintings, photos, and jewelry were not only wonderful peices of art but they were also very reasonably priced.

The show runs for the rest of the week. the Palletteers have certainly given their support so we're hoping now that the community does too, and that every piece of artwork sells. If you can't get to the show and would like to purchase a piece of art that's for sale, go to the show's sale site to see the cost and then call 340-773-2022 to give Mandy your payment info.