Monday, October 31, 2011

Cramers Park

Cramers Park is one of St. Croix's "public" beaches. Of course, all the beaches in the VI are public, so the difference with Cramers is that it's maintained by the VI government. It has a big building that houses changing rooms and bathrooms... all very clean each time I've been there. It also has a parking area nearby and covered pavilions that contain picnic tables. If I'm not mistaken, some of them also have grills nearby. The beach has lifeguard stands which is unique for St. Croix. Cramers has a nice, clean sandy beach, with palm and sea grape trees for those seeking shade. The surf is gentle, the sea bottom is sandy, and there's no sudden drop-off so this an ideal place if you want to enjoy a good swim. I guess one of the drawbacks to Cramers is that it's at the extreme eastern end of the island... but for those willing to take the drive, the reward is worth it! Oh, did I mention that it also has a fantastic northern view that includes Buck Island?

You never know what you'll come across on our beaches, but I'll have to admit that these chickens and roosters were a surprise to me! Ha!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Palletteers Paint St. Croix Show opening

The idea of the Palletteers doing our first show at the Caribbean Museum Center of the Arts (CMCA)in Frederiksted began in June when I met with Linda Garvin of CMCA and began a discussion about it. To say we were excited by the prospect would be an understatement! I immediately sent out an email to alert our members and their response kindled my enthusiasm even more. Last night was the culmination of 4 months of planning and coordination with Linda and it proved to be the success we'd envisioned!

The exhibit did a good job of getting the word out as to who we, the Palletteers, are as a group and who some of our artists are as artists. I'm so glad we had the diversity to offer: that one person's art was not just a reflection of the next one's; that there was a mixture of mediums and subject matter; that some paintings were purely plein air and others were defintely studio...and that all were original; and, finally, that our prices were reasonable and affordable. Our show was the result of hard work and we are thrilled that not only CMCA seems happy with us, but also that everyone, including the artists, left our show smiling!
Thanks for all the support and positive vibes!

St. George Village Botanical Gardens

Friday morning the Palletteers painted in the always beautiful, always welcoming St. George Village Botanical Gardens where subject matter abounds! There were busloads of Danish tourists walking around the grounds with their Danish-speaking guides and of course, the Palletteers, painting away, were a focus of their attention, too!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Calling All Artists!

This photo from last year's Gala, shows auctioneer Bruce Wilson getting bids for our Artistree 2010.
The Botanical Garden will once again feature an Artistree to be auctioned off at their December 2 Gala, and the Palletteers have volunteered to be in charge of decorating it! We are inviting all artists, both Palletteers and non-Palletteers, to donate up to three 3"x3" paintings that are framable. No photos or prints, please, but only 2 dimensional artwork done in any painting medium. Although we're asking for tropical subjects, we'd like each painting to be different and original. The minis will be put into gold frames and will be hung on the tree with gold metallic ribbon. The Artistree usually looks stunning and makes it exremely popular among the trees auctioned off at the annual Gala, usually going for over $2000!
You can either mail your 3" square paintings to me, Ginger Anderson, PO Box 3076, Kingshill, VI 00851 by November 15th (just stick them in a plain white envelope used for letters) or take your paintings to Betsy Campen at Gallows Bay Frame in Christiansted, any time between now and November 15th. Her shop is located on the first street going into Gallows Bay, Rte. 786, after passing the fort. There's a defunct gas station on one of the corners and a strange-shaped pinkish building with deep pink and blue trim on the other corner. Gallows Bay Frame is the first building on the left after you make your turn.
Whether you mail or drop off your paintings, please email me to let me know that you've contributed so that your name will be included in the list of artist/contributors. Oh, and don't forget to sign your paintings!
If you are interested in participating in the committee that will hang the decorations on the tree on the morning of December 1st, please let me know. Also, if you have an idea for an art-themed tree topper, please email me about it.
We are also hand-painting Christmas ornaments that we will be selling during December as a Palletteer fund raiser to support our various show activities. Even if you aren't on island, please consider painting a few and sending them to me. We've been using clear glass balls that came in packages of 4, but any colored balls would work. We've been decorating them with acrylic paints and glitter.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hibiscus Beach Resort

The Hibiscus Beach Resort is hidden in a little cove where one can always find a cool breeze and gorgeous surf!

When I arrived at at 8:45, I found a lone fisherman casting from the beach. He continued to do so the entire time we painted and when I left after lunch, he was still at it!

Look who's back! What a great surprise to have Jeanne join us for lunch! As you can see, she's looking great and is doing well!

It was an idyllic morning, with the sea tantalizingly beautiful and the palms gently blowing in the wind! Although there were only a few of us painting, we all relished the serene beauty of it all!