Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Official! Palletteers to have art show!

Show Name: Art in the Garden
Dates: Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29, 2009.
Location: St. George Botanical Garden Great Hall
Show hours: Saturday: 6-9 p.m., Artist reception, Exhibit and sales. $20.
Sunday: 11a.m.- 4 p.m., Exhibits and sales. $5.
Artists will have name tags assuring them free admission on both days. They will also be given a free pass for a guest opening night.

Curator: Ginger Anderson

Put up times: Saturday, March 28: 9 a.m.-12 noon
Take down times: Sunday, March 29: 4-5 p.m.

Entry: This art exhibit will feature the artwork of Palletters only. A registration form will be sent via email to all Palletteers. This will be followed up with a request for more specific information from each participating artist regarding title, size (to include frame, if framed), & medium of each artwork, along with whether the artwork was done en plein air. This is vital so that the Curator can create a display plan.

Media: All media are welcome. We are free to do whatever we want. We can sell prints and cards as well as originals. It is up to each artist how our own artwork is presented (framed, matted, etc.).

Subject matter: We want as many Palletteers as want to be in it to be able to be in it, no matter the experience level. In order to make this show more inclusive, the exhibit will not only be limited to artwork done en plein air, but will also include artwork done in studio. If it isn’t too complicated to set up, we may separate the work done on location and draw attention to it. All subject matter will be allowed.

Number of artworks per artist: Each artist may show one artwork or many. There will be no limitation on the amount of work one can show, unless it means excluding someone. If that should occur, then those with a lot to show would have to cut down on their displays.

Pricing: There are no minimums or maximums. Each of us will price our own work as we deem suitable.

Display: We will display on flats for hanging, easels and tables. The Botanical Garden staff will move the flats and tables into the Great Hall for us to use, but the hanging and displaying is the responsibility of each individual artist or representative. We must each bring our own hammers, screw drivers, nails or screws for artwork that is hung, boxes for cards, etc.

Posters and publicity: The Botanical Garden & Palletteers will agree on wording & content. The Botanical Garden will advertise in print media as well as in a mailing to its members. Palletteers will create a poster to be distributed among our membership to be handed out to our contacts.

Artist Name tags: Palletteers will create Name tags for each participating P to wear on both days.
Artwork Labels: Palletteers will create labels for each artwork to include title, medium, size, artist name.

Sales: Payment for any sales will be made to the Botanical Garden so that buyers can use credit cards or checks. The Botanical Garden will then write checks to artists. Commission will be 40% on ALL sales.

Docents & Sales people: Each participating Palletteer should recruit volunteers to work during the show Saturday night and all day Sunday.

Refreshments: Each participating Palletteer will bring a hors d’oervre to be placed on the refreshments table opening night.

Volunteers: Although there will be a coinciding Hibiscus and Bonsai exhibit in the Great Hall on Sunday, the art show is solely the responsibility of the Palletteers . Volunteers from our group are needed to organize and create:
Artist Name tags
Artwork Labels
Docent/Salesperson list
Hors D’Oevres list to include volunteers to supervise serving

Later this week, I'll be sending out an artist's registration form as an email attachment. If you want to be in our show, please complete and return this form to me as quickly as possible so that I have an idea of how many of you are interested in participating. Once I receive that form back from you, I’ll be sending out another form for you to complete with detailed information about each of the artworks you plan to have in the show. I would like to move quickly on this part because of the time I will need to organize the arrangement of the artwork displays at the event, especially if we display our plein air artwork separately from our studio art.

I hope you are as excited about this event as I am. In addition to being a venue for exhibiting and selling our artwork, this show will also be a great way for us to let the St. Croix community know what the Palletteers are all about.

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