Monday, February 6, 2012

A Great Cruise Ship Day in Frederiksted

Yay for cruise ship days! They are such fun! There's a lot of hustle and bustle going on, but if you love to "people watch" and like to interact with people, Frederiksted on a cruise ship day is the place to be! And the Palletteers were there in full strength, enjoying every minute of the experience.
I seemed to be running a little bit late all morning and that included getting started on my painting. I finally set up in the waterfront park near some raised steps where many of the passengers posed for a photo shoot with the cruise ship for their background. I tried to sketch the cruise ship but totally botched it. Cruise ships are NOT easy subjects to draw! After walking around, I finally decided to paint something reflecting the feel of the day rather than what I was actually seeing. Plein air? Not really, but possibly so because the place was affecting what I put on my canvas. Yeah, that's really stretching it, isn't it?
Before I knew it, my time was up.. and after hurriedly packing my things, true to my day, got to Polly's 15 minutes late for our show and tell. Alas, I was told that half of our artists had already left because Polly's was so crowded and tables were scarce. Luckily, Elizabeth had taken photos of their artworks so I could include them with those I took. For the rest of us, we shared our enjoyment of each other's efforts and enjoyed a great lunch. Can you tell I love cruise ship day?


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