Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sidewalk chalk art

Jan Giles was the designated sidewalk chalk artist and she'd already finished the outline of a lovely floral design on one of the sidewalk chalk art panels by the time I arrived at the Botanical Garden at 10AM on Saturday morning. She told me how to fill in the correct colors to finish that panel while she, Carolyn Robyler, and David Hamada began drawing designs on three more panels. I'd barely finished the flower of one corner of the design when the sky became overcast and the drizzling began. Jan sprayed my flower with a fixative and then we all grabbed plastic tarps to cover the 4 sidewalk panels we'd begun work on. It rained and we sat and waited for it to stop, fingers crossed that our work wasn't being washed away. Emy joined us and unfortunately the sunshine didn't accompany her. After 1 1/2 hours of rain we checked the weather report and found that another 2 hours worth was on its way. It did clear for a few minutes so we uncovered what we'd done. Alas! Everything but what had been sprayed had washed away! Elizabeth joined us and while we were cleaning up we all decided that next time the sidewalks should be painted so the designs would last. If that can't happen, the chalk art area should be covered overhead to prevent rain damage.

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