Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gallows Bay Waterfront

I should know better than to go to a painting site with a pre-conceived idea of what I want to paint. However, on Friday morning I did just that: I went to the Gallows Bay waterfront park intending to paint some of the pelicans that I ALWAYS see on the dinghies moored in the water there. Ha! Guess what? There were roosters and a friendly grey egret and lots of boats.. but absolutely NO pelicans! Serves me right! So, instead I painted one of the wooden dinghies moored off shore.
As did everyone else! That's probably a first for the Palletteers: all of us creating pretty much the same scene in our plein air paintings! Good thing our styles differ so much, eh? Can you tell who painted which painting? Quick: scroll up and make your guesses and then return down here again for the answers. The artists are, top to bottom, Emy in oils, Elwin in watercolors, Ginger in oils, Leslie in watercolors, and Mary in colored pencils.

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