Friday, October 26, 2012

Mini Painting = Maxi Fun!

The challenge: Paint original 4" square paintings for our 2012 Artistree. We met in the east gallery of the Great Hall at the Botanical Garden. Creativity was in the air! Chatter and good vibes were too! The morning passed so quickly that I was actually disappointed when Show and Tell time rolled around. I've posted photos of the minis that we've done so far. We need at least 100, so these are literally a "drop in the bucket"; however I'm hoping that the members who didn't join us to paint at the Botanical Garden with us this morning, were painting with us, in spirit, at home. I'm also hoping that perhaps seeing what we created in a few hours will inspire some of our more procrastinating or hesitant members to participate in this worthwhile project. Some of our artists were able to complete a bunch of paintings, some only one or two. As you look over our minis, I think you'll agree that these are ALL, definitely, works of art; each one is different and each reflects the artistic talent and style of its creator. Can't wait to see them in their little gold frames on our tree! .

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