Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Art Exchange

A little while ago a few of us were talking about the art we all have accumulated after painting every week. We also bemoaned that we don't have each other's art. So an idea blossomed.. I think it was Kitty who came up with it. Those interested could get together, bring one of their paintings, and we'd do a swap. This afternoon we held our first art swap. When we arrived, our painting received a number and that same number was put into a bowl.. after sharing a pot luck lunch, we each drew a number from the bowl and received the painting with that number on it as our prize. In some of the phots you'll see the Palletteers holding the paintings they won. The Zinnia painting was my prize.. I posted it here because I didn't get a photo of me with it...I love it, don't you? What a great way to acquire local art! Not only did we do the exchange, but we also shared lunch and ideas! The art was great! No one was disappointed! It was so much fun that we decided to do it again. Thus, a wonderful new Palletteer tradition has begun!

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WW said...

What a wonderful idea...and it looks like everyone took home a stunning piece of artwork!!