Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 28, 2014 - Hilty House

Bold, Breakthrough Discoveries Come From Small Daily Paintings by Patti Mollica
One of the most challenging things for any artist to face is the intimidating stark white canvas, which stares you squarely in the eye before you apply that first brushstroke. The trick is to paint daily, paint fast, paint small.   Finish a painting in 1-session.  When painting small, you still confront all the same artistic issues: composition, values, brushwork, edges, color harmony, accurate proportions, etc. If the painting doesn't work on a small canvas, oh well, you havn't invested a great deal of time in a failure.   
 This is why our Friday Paint-Outs are so great.... Paint Fast, Paint Small and Finish in 1-session.    Here's what our Artist got this last Friday.... such good stuff!!!!!


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