Friday, December 12, 2008

Pink Fancy by the Palletteers

We loved painting on the grounds of Christiansted landmark, the former Pink Fancy Hotel yesterday. Cooled by the Christmas winds, amidst twittering birds and crawling tortoises, Carolyn, Emmy, Sondra, Brenda, Jane C, Eleanor, and I easily found "something" (I found "many things") that caught our eye for the morning's painting. As you can see, three of us attempted to capture the same 'scene" from slightly different angles, one in oils, one in watercolors, and one in acrylics. It's always amazing to see how our individual styles emerge in our paintings! Please note that several of the paintings pictured above are still "works in progress" :^) but lunchtime called and we stopped painting to follow that call to Cafe Fresco for a delicious repast! By the way, that's where we'll be painting next Friday, so gather your painting stuff and join us at Cafe Fresco in the Penthany Courtyard at 9 on the 19th!

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