Wednesday, December 3, 2008

'Hood of the Travelling Paints..Palletteers at the Fair

What do the Palletteers do with their artwork? During the past year I've seen our members' artwork featured in gallery showings, public shows (Good Hope School, Botanical Gardens..), private shows, museum exhibits, charity functions, and at Arts & Craft Shows too. I thought it might be interesting to our readers if we showed and told about our members "doing their thing."
Kate, Brenda, Jane and I participated in last weekend's Starving Artist's Day at Whim.
I was so busy that I didn't get a chance to get a photo of everyone's "booth" but thought you might like to see some of how we exhibited our work, dressed, etc. anyway. What's it like to be in a show like this? If you think it's hard lugging your paints and stuff to go painting every Friday morning, imagine spending time pricing your artwork and getting it ready to display, lugging a tent, your paintings, and setup stuff to the site early in the day, setting it all up, and then spending the day hawking your wares! Another artist (not a Palletteer) commented to me on my courage to put myself out there and go for it! I'd never thought of it that way: hard work? Yes. courage? No. I think that one of the rewarding things about painting with the Palletteers is that we are all very supportive of each other and that instills a good amount of self-confidence in one's own abilities. As to showing your art, the affirmation one receives from the public--even those who don't buy your artwork but tell you how much they like it-- makes it all well worth the effort. I got a big grin each time someone came into my booth, examined my plein air paintings, and realized that they "knew that place!" Ok, I get weird highs! It was a great day and so neat seeing some of you there too. Seeing familiar faces is part of the fun of the day! Thanks to Carolyn and Emmy for offering to watch my booth while I ran to the restroom! Thanks to those of you who brought your friends by too!
I'll try to keep up with everyone's stuff this coming year at Art Thursdays and the various shows. Feel free to take your own digital pix and either post them here yourself or email them to me and I'll post them for you.
If you believe, however, that this blog should only be devoted to our Friday doings, let me know and I won't continue this little deviation.

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