Saturday, February 21, 2009

Palletteers at Estate Cane Bay

"Here a Palletteer, there a Palletteer, everywhere a Palletteer! " That's what it's starting to feel like this winter when I do a mid-morning check of our group. It's been a great winter, with lots of old and new members showing up to paint each Friday. Van and Kitsy Wood's home in Estate Cane Bay was perfect for us because there was plenty of parking, many choices for interesting and varied subject matter, spacious enough for us to spread out, and ample shade too. We all could easily see why this home was recently on the Landmarks Society house tour.
I am always amazed at how I can look at exactly the same thing as the person painting next to me and we each produce something so different... Or that I entirely miss seeing a great subject to paint. Although all the morning's artwork exemplified wonderful creative energy I think we were all especially enchanted by Alma's unique painting of the view as seen thru the hurricane candle's globe.

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