Saturday, February 14, 2009

Palletteers Most Certainly Do Apothecary Hall Courtyard

Cheering Section
Palletteers in Action

Wow! We had quite a showing of Palletteers yesterday morning at Apothecary Hall Courtyard! I got there early and found my spot in front of Danica's art gallery and it wasn't until I went up to Cafe Christine's to look at her lunch menu that I saw how many artists had shown up! That's great! Unfortunately, people left before we did our usual "show and tell" so I have no photos of paintings to post on the blog this week. I did take photos of us "in action" while we were painting and even got into one myself, so those, along with a cute pix of our "cheering section" that also joined us can be seen above.
Sorry there was some confusion about lunch. Since Christines has limited seating, I'd thought that my email request for people to RSVP so that I could make reservations had reached everyone... but it hadn't. To make matters worse, when I copied the list of those who had RSVP'd, I accidentally left Carol's name off. Mea culpa, Carol.
Next week, no reservations necessary... hope to paint and dine with you all then.

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