Sunday, September 6, 2009

Palletteers Enjoy Fabulous Friday at Freda's

It was wet! It was blowy! It was TD Erika! But the Palletteers paint, rain or shine, and Friday proved to be a good example of how we see a challenge and are undaunted by it. We met at Schooner Bay Marketplace and wended our way, caravan-style, up the hill to Freda and George Logan's hilltop home. Once we arrived, we welcomed by Gorgeous Greta Garbo, the Logan's great dane, who proceeded to escort us around. We surveyed the situation, walked around to see what we wanted to paint, set up. and began painting. Most of us painted inside, a few of us braved the weather and some of us didn't paint at all but chose to just visit and enjoy the morning. Ginger Rogers, the Logan's brand new kitten, periodically romped around and entertained us. The weather cleared a bit, then rained some more.. Meanwhile, our hostess Freda prepared a lovely lunch for us with rich, chewy, gooey brownies baked by Jeanne. As we all relaxed eating lunch after our show and tell, it was wholeheartedly agreed that it was a scrumptious way to spend a Friday morning! Thanks Freda and George!

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