Sunday, September 13, 2009

Palletteers Paint at Pollys

Sorry I'm late entering the photos for this blog. Just got my laptop back this afternoon, so there shouldn't be any more problems with that. The Palletteers enjoyed a lovely morning painting at Pollys at the Pier on Friday. Most of us could be found focused on depicting some of the Jean Merwin style gingerbread houses that immediately catch your eye when you enter Polly's courtyard.
Over the weekend, while I waited for my laptop to be fixed, I finished the oil I'd started Friday that was 90% complete when it left Polly's after our delicious lunch on there (the 80% version is pictured above). The "experts" seem to agree that a painting can be considered plein air if 80% of it was done on location. Because I work in oils, which don't dry as quickly as waterbased paints, my paintings are often not completed on location but await their finishing touches at home. I'm not alone: some of the waterbased artists, who might work more slowly or spend time adding details to their pre-painting drawings, often haven't completed their paintings by show and tell time, either. We complete them by returning to the site a next time, by relying on photos we've taken, or by relying on pure memory. When I left Polly's the other day, for instance, I ventured up the street to the buildings near the Museum Center to take some reliable photos of their signs and the flags so I could complete those details in a painting of that area I'd begun in early summer. Mission accomplished and, I'm happy to say, that painting is finally finished now, too!

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