Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Palletteers Take on the Frederiksted Waterfront

At our "show and tell" at Polly's where we gathered for lunch after painting Friday morning, I overheard one of our group remark, "There are just so many things to paint on the Frederiksted waterfront: wherever you turn, there's something new to paint! I love it there!" I think that sums up the feelings of everyone who came out to paint with us last week. The early morning sky had appeared threatening but then turned sunny. However, we'd just had a week of some sudden, heavy downpours so a few Palletteers were worried about driving "all the way out there" only to be visited by a sudden downpour mid-painting. So our numbers were down but the reward for those more adventurous souls who did venture out was great weather and a wonderful painting morning! It was a "wow" of a morning!

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WW said...

Love seeing all the variation of the painters in your group.
We have a group here that meets and paints once a week, Westport Art Group...but being New England...we only get to paint outdoors when the weather breaks. We're almost there!!
Ahh...love your island life view!