Saturday, March 27, 2010

Palletteers Paint at Lowry Hill

We were more than impressed with Lowry Hill! Dating back to the early 1500's the property has been restored by owner Bob White so that it still reflects the magic of its past. Construction was in progress as we toured the property with our host who enchanted us with stories about it's colorful past and the original known owner, a gentleman who'd come from the Azores.... thus the architecture reminiscent to us of old Spanish missions. After a walk-around, we settled ourselves around the courtyards and painted what had captivated us.

The Construction crew joined us to view our painting efforts during "Show and Tell" and became instant fans, especially the gentleman who'd done the exposed stonework shown in several of the paintings. Bob White brought out a photo of the property taken in 1860 and added it to our show.

What a pleasure to have spent the morning in such an historical place, capturing its aura with our paints! Enthusiastic conversations about our morning's experience and the next day's Art in the Garden opening took place as 15 of us adjourned to Buccaneer's Mermaid Room for a yummy lunch.

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