Saturday, May 8, 2010

Palletteers Paint At & Near the Club Comanche

We always love to paint in Christiansted and yesterday was no exception. It was a cruise ship day but you couldn't tell this by the meager smattering of people sauntering through town. We did find some local characters (I've pictured a few)..

...but decided to paint the architecture instead. Like many of you, I spend at least half an hour at the beginning of my Friday painting session trying to decide what to paint from the many vistas offered.. and in town there are a gazillion of them! Once I'd made my choice of two little houses in Kings Alley under some huge almond trees, the painting went so quickly that I was even finished (as much as could be done ala prima) early.

Hot! Hot! Hot! Midway though the morning I looked down at my deep pink t-shirt and saw all these dark red stains. How, I wondered, could I have possibly gotten cadmium red on my shirt when it wasn't even on my palette? Oops... blame it on our returned heat wave: just sweat! I wasn't the only sufferer and the question of the day was, "Where is this strange weather coming from?" Hope it isn't any indication of a broiler of a summer! After a good show and tell in front of the Club Comanche our small group quickly sought a cold drink and healthy food at our favorite health food restaurant, Lalita's.

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