Saturday, August 14, 2010

Painting at Cramer Park

It was a perfect summer morning: clear blue skies, a slight breeze in the air, and a pristine beach at which to paint! What more could a plein air painter ask for? Not much! :^) Our group gathered at the park around 9AM and scoped the beach to make our painting decisions. I have some great little 6"X18" canvases from Blick that are perfect for panoramas so decided to see if I could do one to get the essence of the park. Elwin was attracted to the winding, tree-lined drive through the park, Brenda wanted to capture the movement of the sea as it wafted back and forth onto the beach, Pat brought some photos and worked on completing some paintings she'd begun at home, Emy did one of the covered pavilions and some sea grape trees, Elizabeth, Carolyn, and Roz also painted sea grape trees, and Jan put Brenda and me in a seaside scene. It was hot and the email I'd sent encouraged people to bring their suits and stay for a swim.. Brenda, as you can see, painted for a bit in her bikini.. where else on earth can you do this? Show and tell was fun.. we're always amazed at how our fellow artists execute paintings of what we're also painting!

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