Friday, August 6, 2010

Painting at Rickenbach's

Upon our arrival at Rick and Leslie's we were immediately welcomed by our hosts and given carte blanch about where we could paint. I can never get over how many different choices there are at the Rickenbach's to tempt my creative juices, but I finally settled on doing a small panorama of their view towards the Buccaneer. Susan and Elwin both did drawings, she of a Palletteer at play (Looks so familiar; I wonder who that is?)and he of Rick's newest toy (I want one!). Botanicals won the hearts of everyone else: Brenda chose the triple hibiscus by the front door, Emy focused on the poolside palms, Pat and Leslie rendered the yellow hibiscus poolside, and Kate did one of Leslie's orchids. Our morning was another great one: there were cooling breezes in every painting location and the sun shone brightly the entire time.

The last painting here is a re-do of a seascape of Ha'Penny I'd done a few weeks ago at the Schreiber's. I'd brought it to show the amazing difference a change in color palette could make.

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