Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Return to Mt. Welcome

The views and the gardens and the ruins and ... did I mention the views? We LOVED being invited back to paint on the Rasmussen's property and we really maximized the opportunity to produce some interesting paintings! After a short introduction by Tanja, we got right to work.. the most difficult part being the choosing of our painting subjects. We had a super clear day with a slight breeze... perfect for painting outdoors!

We had a good group for "Show and Tell": Jeanie joined us as we admired paintings by Sondra, Elizabeth, Pat P., Otella, Everyn, Emy, Carolyn, Roz, Kate, and me.

The dogs were great painting companions though they didn't seem too impressed during our "Show and Tell"! Could they have been miffed that we didn't include them in any of our paintings?

Barb showed us a painting she'd just finished and one still in the works.
Otella finished her plein air early so she zipped off a donation for our artistree and gave it to me, still wet on its canvas. After being cut it into 3" squares it made some really neat minis. Roz, Elizabeth and I had finished our minis too and they looked so neat I took a picture of some of them scattered together. I'll deliver them to Gallows Bay Frame this week for their framing.
I hope that this little preview of some of our minis helps to inspire you to paint some minis for our tree, too.

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WW said...

Lovely. I always peek at the postings of your painting days. I honestly think I just need another trip to the islands...been way too
Loved that first pic posted this time. Beautiful.
As for the minis...I've been involved in art trading with ATC's for a very long time. They are 2 1/2"x3 1/2"....reminded me of that.
Glad you're enjoying your outdoor painting time. Ours is almost over!