Saturday, November 6, 2010

Villa Greenleaf

The first thing that commands your attention as you drive past the pillars at the entrance to Villa Greenleaf is the humongous old kapok tree gracing the front lawn and dwarfing the building behind it. Locally known as the "monkey no climb tree" because of the thorns growing out of its trunk, its branches snake dreamilly around and about like arms reaching out while it's roots meander gracefully onto the grassy lawn. The inn's tempting pool and various gingerbread bedecked patios and porches invite you to sit and enjoy the flowering gardens and breathtaking views of historic Salt River Bay and the Caribbean.

Dogs seem to be curious about our gear and seeing what "these Palletteers" are all about! Sniffing's allowed but please don't eat my hat!

Kate brought her finished painting from last week to show, too.

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