Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Discovery Grove

On November 19th, our artists painted at Discovery Grove on Canaan Road. For old-timers might know it as George Seaman's former home. It's part of an old plantation with a mill and a few slave-quarter cottages-- all bright orange! The owner of the property is Ann Wattsmeister, who runs a camp-like facility there for groups of young people from the states and their teachers. Elizabeth, who supplied the pictures, said that the weather was much cooler and with a gentle breeze coming from the North, painting-out was really pleasant. Resident Artist Caroline Duprey, whod invited us there, is planning a showing for December 12th… @ Discovery Grove 2-6. John Dain, Program Coordinator, spoke to the group and invited us to present a show there later in the season.

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Bamboo Island Homes: GREEN BUILDING said...

Wonderful paintings and pics of Discovery Grove! Thank you! Hope you'll come back soon. Anne