Monday, December 27, 2010

Palletteers at the Top Hat

What a busy month this has been. First, we had to get our Artistree ready for auction at the Botanical Garden Gala held Dec. 3rd. The next week negotiations took place that led to our getting ready for an art show at the Top Hat Gallery, featuring 10 of the Palletteers, that opened on Dec. 16th. Our artwork was also featured during the Top Hat's wine tasting on Dec. 15th and Glogg party on the 22nd. On the 17th, instead of painting on a site, the Palletteers met at the Top Hat to watch a portrait demonstration by artist Troy Roberts. While Troy executed a portrait of Elizabeth, Marilyn May did a portrait of Troy! You can still see the show: The Top Hat Gallery's hours are 11AM-3PM, Tues-Saturday. However, it will not be open on New Year's Eve.

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