Saturday, January 1, 2011

Estate Mt. Washington Ruins and Labyrinth

Painting at Est. Mt. Washington yesterday was such a great way to end the Palletteers' painting year! Although the wind was blowing 20 MPH elsewhere on island, it was calm and peaceful... to the point of being almost sublime, at Mt. Washington. Everyone seemed inspired and everyone seemed pleased with the results of their morning's efforts.

I wanted to experiment with doing a 4" mini a la plein air. Other than needing a few more dabs of paint to help define the ruins I think it came out pretty well.
Kerri also experimented, working with goache on watercolor canvas for this painting of a banana plant.
We were all really surprised when we saw how imaginative Alma was in capturing the spirit of the labyrinth.
Margaret focused on the window detail of the site's old prison in her lovely watercolor.
Sondra's watercolor of the animal mill also shows the lush foliage surrounding it. You'd never know she started her painting an hour after the rest of us, would you?
Phebe hadn't painted in 3 months but she seemed right on track with her watercolor.
Leslie did a great job completing the watercolor she'd begun the last time she'd painted at Mt. Washington.
Melinda's painting is a "work in progress." She took her time on this watercolor and we're looking forward to seeing the final painting. Can you tell which Palletteer she'd drawn in the foreground?
Emy's oil painting captured the Pointsiettia and Snow on the Mountain flowers blooming in the estate's ruins.
Carol's colorful pastel was a treat for the eyes.
Not only did Elwin produce the above artwork for show and tell, he also showed us the painting he'd done in his studio after taking a photo of the gardener who'd dropped by when we painted at Leslie's home a few months back.

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WW said...

Always love looking at the work...and now love having the little blurbs in there for each pic. Hope you do that more often. I'd love to get out of the snow and go paint with you gals!!