Friday, May 20, 2011

A rainy morning at the Garden

Grant just sent me 7 of his photos of Botanical Garden sights that are so good I have to add them to our blog! Now I can see what captured Elizabeth's fancy for her waterfall paintings!

It's been raining all week, but as plein air painters, rainy weather doesn't deter us from painting on location. This week's site was the St. George Village Botanical Garden. It was drizzling when we arrived and, aside from a few minutes here and there, the morning continued to be a wet one. One big surprise was that the week's rains had created a gorgeous, gushing waterfall under the Japanese bridge! This so captivated Elizabeth that she braved the raindrops to do a few paintings of it. The rest of us.. Sondra, Elwin, and I, stayed sheltered on the Great Hall's covered West veranda and enjoyed a really peaceful morning doing what we love to do!


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