Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Kitsie & Van Wood Home

The home of Kitsie and Van Wood in Cane Bay is one of the Palletteers' favorites-- elegant yet welcoming and perfectly situated to capture their own sugar mill smack in the middle of their north shore view.

The mill itself, in excellent condition, was a favorite subject from near and far. It was a lovely breezy day with white caps on the ocean, puffy white clouds and green, green grass and vegetation.

In additon to our regular photo contributors, Emy and Elizabeth, we've a new one I'd like to recognize: Grant Toman is a photographer who has started attending our meetings and taking pictures for his own use and ours. We began including some of his photos in our blog last week, and the Palletteers have his permission to use them as reference work for our paintings. Thanks Grant!
The Palletteers continue to keep busy: A couple of our members left early to set up their artwork upstairs in the Hotel Club Comanche Gallery, which was to be open for JumpUp Friday night, a cruise ship Saturday and the Triathlon Sunday. In addition, Polly's has extended their invitation for us to continue to exhibit our artwork in their restaurant!

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