Saturday, June 25, 2011

Joyce Thomas's Home

This week we painted at the lovely home of Joyce Thomas which is nestled in the hillside with a fantastic view of Protestant Cay, Green Cay and Buck Island. Emy did a really good job of portraying that view in her painting. The rest of us were drawn to the cozy cool covered veranda near the house's entry where a variety of subjects caught our fancy. I'd hoped to do a painting of the cute family dog but got no cooperation whatsoever! Perhaps I'll do one from one of the few photos that I managed to get while trying to sneak up on her!
It wasn't until I downloaded the photos of our artwork into my computer at home that I realized that photographing most of our Show and Tell under the yellow canopy resulted in yellowed paintings. I guess you'll have to come to one of our shows to see what they really look like!

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