Saturday, June 4, 2011

Painting at Sondra's

Only a few of us are on island right now: Carolyn, Marilyn, Sondra, Grant, and I, so you could say we had perfect attendance for our painting morning at Sondra's! The sea was like a sheet of glass and nary a leaf was moving... Yup, that just about describes the weather right now. In between the chatting, we painted while Grant took some photos. Carolyn wanted to paint the sandpaper vine.. I think it's also called Plumeria, but she'd brought the "wrong" paper. Sondra gave her a "good" paper to do a second version of the same subject. Both are done in WC. Which one do you prefer? The small size of our group did not deter our having a good time together. After Show and Tell, we toasted the morning's artwork with iced tea and some H2O and while we talked about "all ah you"! (Hope you are all enjoying your summer!) Sondra and I adjourned to the Pickled Greek for a really tasty pizza lunch.


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