Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hibiscus Beach Resort

Hot and sunny! That's the way I'd describe our morning at Hibiscus Beach Resort. The resort is beautiful: Bright blue beach chairs grace the well-kept beach, waves crash rhythmically onto the shore, tall palm trees sway in the seabreeze. It's a vacationer's delight! After finding some shade, we all enjoyed our painting time! Before lunch, Laura arrived with a paper copy of the first draft of the Caribbean Museum Center's Island Art & Soul ART Book. Quite a few palletteers have artwork in it, so, needless to say, we all eagerly perused it. The general consensus was that we LOVED it and can't wait for it to be published! Seriously, it's SO good that some of us were even DANCING with delight! Lunch was tasty and the service and cameraderie were great!
Some of our artists included some of the resort's architecture in their paintings.
Check out these two that Elizabeth did: It's actually only one painting but when we went to photograph it we got confused about which end was the top: turn it upside down and it's another painting... totally unintentional on the artist's part but still fun!
There were quite a few different takes on our beach scenes..

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Southgate Sentinel said...

Nice job! Where are you guys going next week? Sep 28th?