Friday, August 31, 2012

A Morning at Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort

We really lucked out this morning! Not only was the sun shining brightly and the vistas clear but there was also a great breeze to keep us cool! I had arrived early and after walking around to see what there was to see, I decided to paint on the dock on the western end of the beach where I could see some pelicans diving for breakfast. I've painted pelicans before and was in the mood to do something different with this painting. First off, I had fun experimenting with my palette knife. I soon learned that it helped me get my paint on the canvas pretty quickly...important because painting wet on wet is always a challenge. It also came in handy for establishing the sun's reflections on the moving turquoise water. I also decided to esperiment with my color palette. By the time I finished getting my basics on the canvas, it was already 9:25. I was surprised that I'd not seen anybody else yet! So, while giving my painting some drying time, I wandered over to the restaurant area to see if anyone else had arrived. Sure enough I found Mary, Jan, Leslie and Sondra! They were still trying to decide what to paint. The problem with Divi is that although it has a pristine beach and a good number of palm trees, there is little shade. There was really good shade, however, under a tent erected near some gigantic chess pieces and also in the restaurant area. I had good shade out on the dock too because it has a second level and I was painting on the bottom one. After a quick chat I returned to my painting and the morning quickly passed. Mary found me before she left so I could get a good photo of her artwork.. and that's when I learned that everyone else but Sondra had left early! Show and tell was kinda sad: Sondra showed me her painting and I showed her mine :^) We followed our great painting morning with a very pleasant lunch!

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