Friday, November 21, 2008

Buccaneer by the Palletteers

It's always interesting to see what each Palletteer chooses to paint. I have long wanted to paint the lily pond on Buccaneer's golf course (holder of many errant golf balls that had stopped for a dip on their way to the second hole), so I went directly there and found a great spot to paint; the lilies cooperated fully, greeting me with open blossoms! Carolyn found a cool spot in the restaurant's entry area, but her new watercolor paper was not cooperating! Everyone else headed into the restaurant or to the beach to paint some Buccaneer vista that caught their fancy. Lunchtime will be remembered for the magic genie who came to visit and give us a good laugh!
As can be seen, we may not always finished, but we always love what we're doing!

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