Saturday, November 15, 2008

Palletterers: Is this Synchronicity?

I attended the reception for Haitian Relief last evening and was so proud to recognize the signatures of quite a few fellow Palletteers on the artwork! It was a great gathering of people in support of a worthy cause!

Afterwards we went to the Top Hat for dinner and I found out that this coming Wednesday night will be the opening for their next show, featuring Portrait artist RALPH WOLFE COWAN. Cowan is considered one of the top portrait painters in the world, famous for his portraits of Princess Grace and H.H. Diana. After the Palletteers' recent attempts at portrait painting, what synchronicity to have the opportunity to meet an artist who has mastered this art. His flower paintings will be a treat too, reminiscent to me of Georgia O'Keefe! You can see some of his work at The artist will also be at the Top Hat Thursday evening for those who can't make it Wednesday night. Both nights, from 5PM.

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Melissa Evangeline Keyes said...

Thank for the post, Ginger!! Here's a link to Ralpf Cowen's amazing website.