Saturday, November 8, 2008

Portrait Practicing Palletteers

We had an interesting time at Jan Giles' yesterday, taking a break from our normal landscape painting and working with live model, Nancy. Ever the teacher, our hostess began our session by having us do quick pencil sketches of Nancy in various poses, to relax us and her. Then we dug out our paints and spent the remaining time working on our "Nancy portraits". For some of us, this was a first time doing portraits; for others, it was a return to something they'd done many years ago; for a few, it was a continuation of doing something they've always loved to do; for all of us, it was fun! Quiet reigned; as each of us focused on our painting, you'd never know it was a studio full of women! As expected, our results varied, but if you're familiar with our members, you could probably tell who did what. Sorry I didn't get a photo of our model for you to compare to our artwork. Hmmm. Maybe that's good? :^) We liked all the paintings! Maybe we'll do it again next week.

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