Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More "Art in the Garden" photos!

Artists and purchasers check out their artwork with Sondra & Emy at 4PM

Checkout time!

One of the sold artworks already has a place of honor on the new owner's wall. See the photo below to ID the art.

" Greta on the chaise" by Ginger Anderson

Look at the red dot's on Carolyn Robyler's artwork labels.

Palletteers painting in the garden.

I think I see a Palletteer painting under a tree.

Bestof the show! What a beauty!

Lady in madras

The hibiscus winners

Freda, Todd and Keller

Mieke Fischer helped sell the t-shirts.

David Hamada, Horticultural Director for the Botanical Garden, greets the show's visitors.

Two of the shows organizers, Susan Ladwig and Monette Booth, share a relaxing moment at the cash sales table.

Elisa Mackay admires Kitty Olsen's artwork.

Exhibiting artists Freda Logan & Carolyn Robyler with artist/teacher Jane Akin.

Emy Thomas, Jane Akin, and Diane Axelrod on opening night.

From Diane's artistically motivated skirt design

Exhibiting artists P. Jane Cameron, Alma Winkfield, and Emy Thomas

Exhibiting artists Jeanne Peil and Mary Bodio on opening night.

Volunteer bartenders Tom Anderson and Ken Silva on Sunday afternoon.

Exhibitng artists Freda Logan and Diane Axelrod on opening night.

Elisa Mackay and Kitty Olsen on Sunday afternoon

Who would expect a Palletteer to paint earth moving equipment? Mean Machine, by Ginger Anderson.

Exhibiting Artist Leslie Rickenbach by her artwork on Sunday afternoon.

Sondra Catts, who was also our poster artist, stands by her watercolors at the end of the show. Sondra is also one of the founders of the Palletteers.
Kitty Olsen takes a minute from her duties as a runner to pose by her paintings. Kitty is one of the original Palletteers.
Emy Thomas, one of the Palletteer's founders, stands by some of her oils on Sunday afternoon.

Mary Bodio, another of the original Palletteers, stands by her watercolors and her framed print of St. Croix Landmarks.

Diane Axelrod and Ginger and Tom Anderson take a minute to chat.
Exhibiting artist Eleanor Miles by her watercolors on Sunday afternoon.

Checking out the cards.
Leslie Rickenbach paints on the west side of the Great Hall and answers questions about the Palletteers.

Freda Logan holding baby Keller in front of her sell-out Hibiscus watercolors!

Taking a good look at the prints.
Marilyn May begins a watercolor painting in the Garden. The badge on her back says "Artist Painting" on it!

Some of the Hibiscus Society's award winners.

Admiring the artwork

Enjoying the show
St. George Botanical Garden Horticultural Director David Hamada and artist Freda Logan take some time to chat
One of our little visitors came in beautiful traditional West Indian madras. Isn't she adorable? Maybe we can paint her next time!
enjoying the show
Ginger took this pix of people checking out her plein air oils.

This group was checking out Ginger's other flat.. Be careful.. you may wind up in one of her paintings one day!

checking them out..
Fran Tobin, volunteer organizer for the Garden, takes a break to look at the show.

What d'ya think?

Helen Greene and Elizabeth Keith painting on the east side of the Great Hall.
I returned at 9:30 to remove the plastic sheets we'd covered everything with to bat-proof the exhibits Ithis is the tropics and the GReat Hall has some open areas) and was able to take more photos as the day progressed. We officially opened our doors at 11 AM but people started arriving around 10. On Sunday we had Palletteers painting on the garden grounds and also a display by the Hibiscus Society. The bar was open as was the nursery, the grounds and the gift shop. Nina York conducted a tour of the Garden too. I wish I had more pictures of the other things that were also going on. This part of our blog will also be a continuing one since I want to include other people's photos and comments on it too.

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