Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The last batch of pix from Art in the Garden

The poster art, depicting the Manager's House at the Botanical Gardens, was done by one of the Palletteers' founders, watercolor artist Sondra Catts, and was raffled off during the show.
Marilyn Chakroff and her husband were among the Botanical Garden volunteers who took care of sales.

Kitty Olsen chats by her paintings.

An admirer

Susie Sheehan checks Jane Cameron's artwork.

enjoying the hors d'oeuvres
The reception continued outside on the lovely Botanical Garden grounds.

Botanical Garden volunteers helped to make our show a success.

The laden table

Checking out Marilyn May's art

Leaves+flowers=exquisite floral arrangements

Art in the Garden organizing team members Ginger Anderson and Susan Ladwig discuss the show.
Yum! All the hors d'oeuvres were home made and enjoyed by all!
Talking about the show
Part of the bonsai display
Goblet+flowers=another simple floral arrangement
Palletteers discuss the show
Bamboo+flowers=a striking floral arrangement!
Get that picture George!
Checking out the orchids
Artist/exhibitor Melissa Keyes relaxes with a friend.
Part of the orchid display
The show

Do you have a favorite?
Wasn't our first show great?

Discussing art
Our sales table was ably handled by Botanical Garden volunteers. Thanks so much!

Seeing a friend.

Part of the Art in the Garden organizing team, Emy takes a minute to enjoy the show.

Leslie Rickenbach by her artwork on opening night

Elizabeth Keith by her watercolors of fish and flowers on opening night

Freda Logan with her "muse": baby Keller.
Artist/instructor Jane Akin with her daughter Stacy, came to the reception to cheer us on! In their bios many of the Palletteers list Jane as one of their mentors. LOVE those heels, Jane!

Poster artist Sondra Catts pauses by her watercolors during the opening night reception.

Susan Filene stands next to some of her watercolors at the reception.

Brenda Brown Taylor, near her artwork which employs a variety of mediums including colored pencil, watercolor, and pastels.
P. Jane Cameron stands next to her artwork during the reception.

Carolyn Robyler relaxes near her watercolors during the reception.

Carol O'Toole and Kristen "Kitty" Olsen take a minute to talk.
Every painting has a story and Virginia "Ginger" Anderson tells the story behind her hummingbird painting.
Diane Axelrod enjoying the moment.
Alma Winkfield poses by her acrylics.
Brenda Taylor savoring the evening.
Steve Freeman, Freda Logan, and Kate Kroska chat

Sue Filene pitched in to sell cards at the show.

Jazz violinist Brian Silber and local artist Denise Rae enjoyed our show.
Eleanor Miles on opening night.
Marilyn May taking care of the cards table.

Carolyn Robyler standing by her watercolors.
Emy Thomas telling us about her tree painting.

Visiting artist Bruce Williamson, who just completed his second oil painting workshop on island, visited the show with his wife Carmen.

Show curator and artist Ginger Anderson takes a break by some of her oils on Sunday.

Melissa Keyes' acrylic paintings of underwater scenes from her dives were a unique part of the show.
Do you think it's fair that Greta wasn't allowed in the show when a painting of her was? she had to stay in the car.. don't worry, the AC was on, the car was parked in the shade of a tree, and she was listening to her favorite music! 'Tis a dog's life...
I've been asked if Greta is my dog. No, she isn't. She belongs to a fellow Palletteer who'd invited us to her home to paint. When I saw her Great Dane, Greta, I was immediately captivated and knew I wanted to paint her!

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Great photo series Ginger and a wonderful show.
Hats off to all of you for getting out every week and fulfilling your joy.