Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pre-Show "Art in the Garden"

Ginger's ready for the show!

Emy's ready too!

Everything looks great!

Friends and family were a big help! thanks!
Almost done!
A little to the right...
Part of the bonsai display.
Part of the Orchid Society's display
Prints and matted originals area.
Matted original pastels by Carol O'Toole
The cards table overflows with good stuff!
Great Hall pit looking north. We found that taping the art to the flats didn't work. don't worry: they were fixed before the show opened :^)
Great Hall looking west.
Great Hall pit looking west.
More of the pit looking northwest.
Pit looking southwest
Inside the pit..Elizabeth Keith's flat
More inside the pit.. Alma Winkfield's flat
One of Melissa Keyes' flats
As we enter the Great Hall, we see one of the 5 easels generously loaned to us by Good Hope School. This easel will be used for the poster art.

Looking north
Looking east... doors are closed awaiting the evening's opening reception.

Looking northwest
We spent all of Saturday morning hanging and setting up our displays, filling the St. George Botanical Garden's Great Hall with great art both on the panels and on the tables. We all pitched in to help each other and the photos show the results of our efforts.

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