Saturday, June 13, 2009

Palletteers Paint in Frederiksted Park

Ginger amidst the yellow flowers, drawing the row of buildings across the street from the park
Painting in the park along the Frederiksted waterfront turned out to be interesting. We were thrilled to see so many choices for subject matter and it didn't take long for each of us to set up and start creating. I was attracted to a group of pastel historic buildings across from the park that now house the Frederiksted Mall, Caribbean Museum Center, and a snack shop. Oy me! Two hours later and this is all I got done: the drawing still needs a few tweaks and then another morning in the park should see it completed.

We were facing in every direction, capturing a variety of subjects. We had a lot of curious "stoppers-by" who were interested in our group's activities and added a unique social aspect to our paintng morning. It was delightful to see so many people taking advantage of having a walk through the beautiful park.

School's out so some of our spectators were young children, like these boys, who visited with each one of us and were full of questions about painting. I think that if we painted in the park regularly, a few of our visitors would end up joining us!
It was a hot day and the park's pal and mahogany trees provided plenty of shade and the cool green grass (after some bountiful rains this month) was a great place to spread out.
Victoria House, known for its lovely gingerbread, was the subject of a few paintings..
The pier captured the fancy of a few others..

Lunch at Polly's topped off another Palletteer day! Artwork by Palletteer Helen Green is still being exhibited on Polly's walls. After lunch a few of us went to Elizabeth's for a sea swim, too! Gotta remember to pack your bikini whenever we're painting at or near a beach this summer cause a dip in the sea is certainly a refreshing way to cool off after painting outdoors all morning!

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