Saturday, June 6, 2009

Palletteers at Tamarind Reef

From a hazy orange sunrise.... to a sunny morning at Tamarind Reef with deep shadows and soothing breezes, St. Croix gave us an exceptional day. Tamarind offered many painting choices:
the marina..
seascapes and the beach..

the iguanas that call it home...
the beach shack that rents everything you need for a great day in the sun...
just what the doctor ordered...:^)
Here's one that was started last week and completed in studio...
...and more to come!
We had a lovely "day at the beach", with Mother Nature smiling down on us (later on in the day we enjoyed torrential rains!), a visit from the resident iguanas, good painting, calm breezes, and delish-lunches. As usual, the morning sped too quickly, but we enjoyed it nonetheless! we planned our painting sites for the next two weeks: next Friday we'll paint (anywhere we want) in the park along the waterfront near the pier in Frederiksted; the following week you'll find us at Gentle Winds.

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