Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another day of painting and I'm still grinnin'!

This morning Brenda, Elwin and I met to paint in Frederiksted. Brenda and I wanted to finish some paintings we'd begun last week of the pink Victorian house next to Turtles on the Frederiksted waterfront. Elwin did a seascape of the view on the beach side of that house. While I was setting up, Brenda and Elwin were busy taking pix of the egrets in the nearby trees and several passersby stopped to talk to me. One lady and her little girl were waiting for the library to open so the little girl wanted to help me set up and had a zillion questions about what I was doing. She was so cute! The next people to come along were two young boys who admired my painting-in-progress and then went on their way. They were followed by a tourist, a local merchant, and then a lady who'd come to STX in 1960, had 11 children, and who's grandson went to school with my daughter (small world). By this time Brenda had finished with her photos and had joined me to work on her painting too. While we chatted with the lady, another gentleman came by. It turned out he was on vacation, had grown up here, and, lo and behold, he and the lady discovered they knew each other from when he was a kid! Are you worn out yet? Not done yet, after they left, another tourist gentleman came by... then cars that were driving by, stopped (two former students of mine among them) etc. Everyone asked us what we were doing, did we sell our work, could they see our other paintings... We advertised the Palletteers and told them about our next show in March (that info didn't help the guy who was going to be leaving in a few hours.. sorry), and everyone seemed to like what they saw and were interested in seeing more! Isn't that great? But the icing on the cake came when I went to grab a paper towel from this baby wipes box I keep them in on my easel and came up with a $1 bill!! I have no idea what one of our many admirers decided to put it there but it certainly gave us a good laugh! I've finally made it as a "street artist!"
I've posted pix of all our paintings!

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