Saturday, July 25, 2009

Palletteers paint at Tyler's

Above, Elizabeth's watercolor of the garden area captured the garden's whimsical quality while below, Emy captured the historical qulaities of the kitchen wing, a cute little house in itself.
Above, Elizabeth sketched the steps leading up to the next level and below, Phebe focused on laying down the wash for her little watercolor scene she's begun from another part of the garden.
Above, a garden table under the flowering frangipani was depicted by Elwin and below, Brenda was enamored of the little eating area amidst the garden's many flowers.
Above, I loved the graceful gingerbready lines of the garden's gazebo and began by laying down my darks and then moving on to my lights before running out of time. Below, Sondra shows her talent in capturing the beauty of the architecture of the house next door in her lovely watercolor.
The air was abuzz with artistic vibes as we enjoyed a pleasant morning painting together at one of St. Croix's wonderfully unique homes! A chorus of "Wow's" could be heard as we walked through the rooms of the beautiful Christiansted home that Thia Tyler and her late husband George have restored. We loved the way the home and its garden shows a love of St. Croix and preserves some of its history! It was a great treat for all of us!

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