Monday, July 20, 2009

Palletteers Paint at the Peils

The view from the house's front verandah is spectacular! We all thought that Elizabeth did a great job capturing it in her painting.
Sondra's house paintings are always great!
Emy caught the view through one of the windows in the house.
Lucretia's painting took in the view to the east
I set up a still life involving a candle in a hurricane globe along with some of the flamboyant branches from one of the trees on the property. After painting in the cemetary this morning, I'm going to to and get some fresh flamboyants to bring home and set up in my studio so I can finish the lower part of my painting.
Elwin was fascinated by the beauty of the fan palm in the entry yard.
As you can see, the Peil house inspired us in different ways. I always find it interesting to see who paints what, as well as how the paintings of a similar view differ. I'm also infatuated with how one walks onto a site without any idea of what one is going to paint.. and then ZAP! something strikes your fancy and you are inspired! That morning I'd awoken with a pain in my back as well as a next pain when I gripped anything with my left thumb.. so I walked into the home, carrying a small 10X10 canvas, with thoughts of painting something simple and small. That changed when I saw the hurricane globed candle and the gorgeous flower arrangements our hostess, Lucretia Gordon, had set up for us in various places around the house. With Elizabeth's help, I moved the globe to the table where it could better catch the light, grabbed some of the flamboyant branches out of one of one of the vases (with our hostess's permission) and walked back to my car to get a bigger canvas... a 12X24. Even though I didn't finish, I was very happy with my choice and, guess what? I didn't feel even a squinch of pain during the entire time I painted (and it's completely gone this morning!)! Ain't life grand?!!

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