Sunday, October 18, 2009

Palletteers at Ft. Frederick

After more than a week of some torrential thunderstorms, I wasn't sure what I'd wake up to on Friday morning. But my fears were baseless and a bright clear sunny day greeted me. Arriving at Ft. Frederik, the park was full of vibrant color and good shadows.
The azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, off the western end of the fort, were calm and placid and gorgeously inviting.
Several of our artists had to leave early and I didn't have a chance to get a photo of their endeavors. Here are some minis done by one of our members.
More minis, sent via email from California!
While I sat in the park trying to figure out how to paint with some watercolor pencils (until my lighter-weight easel arrives from Sun-eden so I can be a good post-cataract patient and not lift heavy loads), I wondered why I didn't come and sit in this great park more often. The passersby and park personnel were pleasant, the breeze was wonderful and refreshing, the views, among the best on St. Croix. A young boy (teachers meeting so no school) hesitantly approached a few of our watercolor painters and asked about their work.. so Elizabeth showed him how to paint and he ended up proudly walking away with his "masterpiece." What's that ad on tv say? Oh yes: priceless! We love plein air!

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