Friday, October 23, 2009

Palletteers paint at Cruzan Gardens

Cruzan Gardens was inspirational.. as we set-up in various places on the grounds, the garden's ambiance spoke to the creative spirit in each one of us.
I painted a bird of paradise while Jan did what she referred to as "a little sketch" complete with live model of the canine variety who sat very patiently until he got thirsty.

Elizabeth tried out some vivid colors while Emy used earth tones.
The mill was the subject of Marilyn's, Larry's, and Pat's paintings.
Elwin was captivated by some bouganvillea in pots, ready for someone's garden. Roz, too, sketched the mill
Elizabeth did a few more flower inspired watercolors too.Everyone seems to be having fun with their minis, and say that they're a good way to practice color combos, composition, and painting ideas. Elizabeth brought a page of hers, below...
.. and Pat brought 2 pages of hers. It's been recommended that those you don't donate to the artist tree could be glued to the fronts of greeting cards or even framed with mini-frames for gift giving. Any other ideas?
So, yes, it was a good morning. Our "show and tell" was really interesting and we all left with smiles. It is so neat to view each other's painting results and to see how everyone is inspired to keep exploring their creativity. Thank you Cruzan Gardens for providing us with such a motivational venue!

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