Thursday, April 1, 2010

Art in the Garden, featuring the Palletteers of St. Croix: Supercalifragilisticexpedialidocious!

We held our second annual Art in the Garden show at the St. George Botanical Gardens this past weekend. To identify them, the artists wore silk hibiscus clips in pastel colors along with their name tags while the sellers wore red ones. The Bonsai and Orchid Societies also put up displays that caught the interest of the crowd. We had a good crowd and the home made hors d'oevres were abundant and delicious! The night was a hot one, weatherwise, but we all still managed to enjoy our evening in the limelight. On Sunday a gorgeous display by the Hibiscus Society was added to the mix. What an interesting show! The pictures say it all, beginning with our poster art by Carolyn Roblyer:

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our show sponsors: TAMARIND: A Better Copy, A Friend, Gary M. Lalor, Francie Whittenburg, & JKC Communications CALABASH: Caribbean Country 93.5, Bill & Helen Gilbert, Innovative, Marshall & Sterling, & Plaza Extra THANK YOU: Cape Air, Caribbean Printing, Diageo, & Dan & Amelia Musser. In addition, a big "thank you" goes to the Botanical Garden members: Sue Ladwig, Monette Booth, David Hamada, and Holly Herold, who were on the show committee; Fran Tobin, who organized the Garden volunteers; Jayne Edwards, who organized the food donations; and Owen & Carol Johnson, who were in charge of the bar. Big kudos go to our own volunteers: Carolyn Roblyer, who donated her original painting for our poster art which was raffled off during the show; my right hand, Emy Thomas; Sondra Catts & Lil Tarby, who were in charge of the "shop"; and show volunteers: Joan Werner, Ruth Ann Hopkins, Elaine Bidelspacher, Deborah Reinhold, Elena Leroux, Gene Dedmond, Dotsie Kagan, Ruby & Tom MacDonald, Jane Caermon Schultz, Marcus Bodio, Pat Packer, Elwin Joseph, Deborah Kramer, Janet Bell, Tom Anderson, Max Blum, Rick Rickenbach, Pat Holloway, Brenda Taylor, Melinda Scott, Carol O’toole, Kitty Olsen, Karol Fenner, Marilyn May, Elizabeth Keith, Leslie, Rickenbach, Alma Winkfield, Kate Kroska, Margaret Berggren, Phyllis Charles, and all of our exhibitors… wow! Because all of you pitched in and did your “thing” we had the best show yet! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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Hi, I just bought what looks to be a Joan Kumpitch painting. Any idea on where I go to find an appraiser, are her paintings valuable? Contact me and I can send you a picture of it. My email address is and my name is Shane.