Monday, June 14, 2010

Palletteers at Sondra's

Quite a few people showed up to paint at Sondra's Green Cay home Friday morning, surprising since the Palletteers are often scattered across the world on their own holidays during these hotter months. We were so pleased to finally meet the Porters, Marvin and Shirley, who now reside in Pennsylvania but were active members of the Palletteers back in the latter half of the 90's. Jenn and Carolyn stopped by to say "hello" too. You might be able to tell that several of us experimented with our paintings, seeking variety and improvement in our artwork. Alma continued exploring a combination of working with watercolor and palette knife techniques, Brenda painted in pastels, Margaret worked on a quilt-like pattern, Kate produced one of her hidden image watercolors, and I tried out a trans-red oxide undercoat to lay in my values. It's always interesting to see the differences in paintings of essentially the same views: different techniques, different styles, all distinctive and lovely, eh? While we painted and later at lunch, Sondra, Marv and Shirley entertained the rest of us with tales of the group's early days. It's always so interesting to have returnees join us and we love painting at Sondra's!

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